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Life During COVID-19
Due to the global COVID-19 spread, OpsWorks Co. have switched to fully remote work mode.
Even though we are now distanced from our colleagues, we stay in touch, support each other, and keep our team spirit high. Surprisingly, we now feel even more connected thanks to frequent online get togethers and catch ups.
As a remote employee, you become an integral part of OpsWorks Co. enjoying all the benefits we give to our co-located teams:
What can you expect as our remote teammate
Full support from (your direct/indirect manager, teammate, a psychotherapist ;)
Online events, no need to worry about commuting and accommodation
English lessons
Work in pajama pants
Work from anywhere in the world
Great talent has
no borders
Join our team and work remotely, wherever you are!
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Refer a friend
See a perfect opportunity? Attach your CV and we will contact you ASAP.
Share a career opportunity with your buddy and gift yourself $300.
how we are having fun
Every August we teleport every employee to a selected city and celebrate OpsWorks Co.’s birthday together. Usually, this day provides us with funny stories to last the whole year.
Summer Parties
Since Covid-19 has prevented us from spending as much time together as we used to, we’ve mastered hanging out online. The HR department always heats it up with some offline presents sent right to our doors!
Corporate events
We support and appreciate the willingness of our employees to grow and develop their professional skills. Every employee has a self-education budget for certification, courses, conferences, etc.
Education at OpsWorks Co.
We say Yes to fun
Have fun and grow professionally at the same time.
Join us and enjoy every workday!
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